Jul 10, 2018

To the Happy Couple, Lynn & Danny: Memphis, TN Wedding Photographer

Two weeks ago I got to meet some pretty special folks. I was contacted from a friend of a friend to help out with a wedding, because the other photographer fell through. It's one of those times that I feel providence had a direct hand in my life because I know I was meant to capture this day for these amazing people. 

Lynn and Danny had a beautiful evening that was a complete celebration of love and friendship. I was honored to capture their ceremony, it brought tears to my eyes to hear the songs and beautiful words that were spoken. Their family was special. The love of family and friends is always my favorite to capture, because it's such a beautiful bond. I LOVED Danny's car, and the great shots we were able to get with it. I loved seeing how much Lynn and Danny welcomed their friends and family to their reception. There was not a time that they weren't hugging someone and listening to their stories. It was great to see folks from all walks of life celebrate these two having found one another. The flowers were gorgeous, the dancing, the cake, was all done with such elegance and class and I enjoyed every minute of being there. 

Thanks so much for letting me be a small part of a beautiful day. Enjoy your peek!

Jul 4, 2018

Maddie, Class of 2019: Collierville, TN Senior Portrait Photographer

It has been so nice to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends today. It makes me so grateful for where we live and I am in awe of those that have sacrificed so much for all the freedoms we enjoy. We've had our fill of yum food, lots of fun in the sun, and enjoyed just being together. Nothing says summer time like hot days, homemade ice-cream and senior portraits. I wanted to take a moment to give Maddie and her family a sneak peek of her session from last weekend before we crashed for the evening. 

Last weekend, I was able to visit with Maddie and get to know her a little better. The evening had been kind of stormy, but it was amazing because the weather cooled off about 10 degrees and no one was out at the square. It was deserted, and that has never happened for me before being there on a Saturday night. Great conditions, sweet gal, and some amazing lighting made for a great session. 

Thanks so much guys for being so easy to work with! Enjoy your peek.

Jun 27, 2018

For April: Arlington, TN Family Photographer

The last few weeks have been full of summer in full swing. Lots of kids, lots of hitting the pool, and a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I had a nice break from photography for a few weeks, but have loved having the chance to play on the computer again and work with clients. It's good to work out my non-mom-brain.

These folks are not clients. They are bestie friends. I've known April since we were babies, we roomed in college together, and had our oldest kids days apart. She's the kind of girl who's quiet, but deadly. Fiercely loyal, though a little hard core when it comes working out and whole 30 things... Despite all those things, I'm so grateful to have her in my life. She's always there when I need her and she married a pretty cool dude, thus ensuring she'd have an awesome family. I love her dearly, and we love her family more. I love what I doing what I do when I can photograph people I know and love. It's the best.

Enjoy your peek. Check them out, y'all are pretty good looking.

But for real. Check them out.