About Me

My life's work and reason for loving photography 
December 2014

First, let me say thanks so much for checking out my page. I still am in awe that folks love my work, and feel so blessed to be able to meet so many amazing people through photography. 

I was born and raised in the south, lived here in Memphis most of my life except for a two year college stint at Brigham Young University, and the four years the husband and I traveled up to St Louis, so he could get his doctorate. I graduated with my degree in accounting in 2005 from the University of Memphis, but it wasn't until we started our family that photography had a presence in my life. For the last 9 years I've probably shot millions of images for myself as well as others, and I completely love it. Four kids later my life consists of basketball games, school projects, family vacations, and helping the husband with accounting at his office. And laundry. My life is filled with lots of washing and drying though the folding and putting away part often eludes us. 

Photography helps my creative side sing, and gives my mom brain a break. Can't wait to meet you! 

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