Jun 26, 2018

Meet Kennedy Ann: Germantown, TN Newborn Photographer

Today I got to have a visit from sweet Kennedy Ann and her momma. Which is always a treat, because well, it's my sister. Kennedy was born two weeks ago today, but we had a bout of pink eye at our house last week, so I've been in full quarantine lock down mode. It was nice to spend some time getting to know my chill little niece. She did fantastic, and we got lots of great shots. It was especially adorable to see how much her big brother loves her. They are going to be thick as thieves. I can already tell. 

I sure love you sis, and your sweet little addition. She's a doll and it's gonna be so exciting to see how her little personality unfold as the years go by. 

Enjoy your peek! I got a bit carried away, so there are a lot of them. 

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