Oct 21, 2018

For Chelley: Arlington, TN Family Photographer

Last week I had the chance to photography two more seniors. This gentleman was the first and he did a fantastic job. I was so impressed with how kind and polite this kid is. Such an easy going guy. Both of his parents joined us and I loved being able to visit with them. Good folks, with a great kid. I'm so excited to see the great things that these kids are gonna do in life. It's a time of great adventures. 

Enjoy your peek momma. Be proud. You've got a good one.

Oct 10, 2018

Meet Joselyn: Memphis, TN Senior Portrait Photographer

I love being able to meet with seniors. It's exciting to capture them on the brink of beginning their adventure of life. It's always to interesting to see how different each kid is, and how that translates into the way I shoot their session. I loved being able to meet Joselyn. She had a very peaceful, easy going way about her and I thought her session turned out fantastic. Such a great gal, and she did a gorgeous job. We spent the afternoon together at Crosstown and I loved this location. It ended up being a mix of contemporary/modern that I thought looked awesome.

Thanks so much guys for taking the time to get together! Enjoy your peek!

Sep 26, 2018

For Carol: Rosemark, TN Family Photographer

I love this time of year.  It is so fun to get to see some of my most favorite folks to photograph. I cannot decide if I like cotton or not. The end product is gorgeous, but the hassle of dealing with weather and picking schedules was enough to make me crazy. So conflicting.

We spent the morning at Rosemark Farm-to-Table, and Ms. Leigh Ann and the folks there were amazing to work with. They are so courteous and kind, and their property was gorgeous. If you are looking for somewhere to host an event of any variety, I highly recommend this spot. The farm was beautiful. 

I sure love seeing how big all the H family kids have gotten. I photographed Carol and Jeffs wedding years ago and have loved getting to know them better every year since then. Such adorable folks, always so easy to work with and so much fun to be around. It really was a great morning despite the cotton drama & spitting rain. I loved Maggie's muddie feet, and Mason's larger than life smiles. The way big brother was watching over them both made my heart happy.  

Enjoy your peek guys! I think you're fantastic.